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"Happy New Year 2011"

01 Jan 11 - 21:03

Grandmaster 10th Dan Dr. Chiu Chi Ling and his students in USA.

My dear good grand student sifu reporter Pino,

I am so happy your are so great and doing much working at our International Hung gar association .

We are doing many thing inside film in china Hong Kong also our USA film is shooting you can see our great to promote our strong and famous real shaolin Hung Gar you know now in fac book s...
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Sin nombre

31 Dec 10 - 09:00

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Chiu Chi Ling film in China 2010.

23 Oct 10 - 16:10

Grandmaster Dr. Chiu Chi Ling Movie Star in Action!!!

To All friend brother sifu students fans!!!

Now I am also for more news great picturs in China and I hope you like it !!!

Thank all and welcome our next championship in our working team We keep in touch and Happy together as one biggest kung fu family any question give me mail thank all !!!

your best friend

Chiu Chi Ling

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Grandmaster Chiu in China

23 Oct 10 - 15:47

Grandmaster 10th Dan Dr. Chiu Chi Ling in China 2010.

To All brother reporter sifu fans!!!

Now you can know what's Chiu chi Ling Hung gar in film and many fans inside china they like me and know my film too that 's my pose at the old Town you can see that very good History building at the back ground , are you lkie to go with me in next time for shooting movie ? ok !!!

Thank all to give me support...

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World Chiu chi Ling Hung gar Team USA

19 Oct 10 - 08:02

To All Brother friend sifu master Reporter student!!!

How are you? hope all is the best !!! we are training kung fu every day and have good health also can spreading our super kung fu at world wide the chinese culture is very important for the art in lion dancing Every happy in our chinese new year they also enjoy our kung fu show with master playing form !!!

are you like our Dragon & Lion dancin...

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CCL Around us martial art kungfu

16 Oct 10 - 19:46

Dear All brother students Reporter Fans sifu!!!

Very good day for us our Chinese hung gar association many good breaking new coming we can make the trip to Germany Hong Kong Belgium Holland Mexico Brasil Japan Canada Italy China Shaolin Temple south Fukin !!! and the great news for our school book in Chiu's weapon of Wong Fei Hung butterfly knife USA Kung fu Magazine the reporting interviews Ital...

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CCL World News

15 Oct 10 - 18:48



Our Good Brother kung fu friend Fans students Reporter How are you to day !!! 

Hope all well !!! it's very good day in here USA now many fans Media talking about the new film shooting in china also now release in Theater they like this movie you doing funny !! thank all my good brother and give me much warm kind words !!!

I am working in the old day for film and into action direct...

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CCL Film Hong Kong 1958

15 Oct 10 - 14:00

Hello To all friends master students Reporter fans!!!

You can looking back our strong in fighting Kung fu film in Hong Kong many film in shaolin Temple story about shaolin Hung Gar and other style fighting each other , you know I like to give our better skill action in those film when I am director with my group , very happy at the old day until now for my life!!! 

You ca see more my Kung fu family history a...

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Grandmaster Dr. Chiu Chi Ling in 1969

15 Oct 10 - 08:26


To All brother sifu friend Reporter !!!

It's the old History in Chiu chi Ling Hung Gar kung fu life many great news at the 1960 , also our World wide for reporting in many Countries also China CCTV Hong Kong TV Japan NHK Fuji TBS USA CBS Chinese TV 26 Canal Germany, Canada, Mexico, Brasil Holland, Radio newspaper many information for Chiu chi Ling History in movies hung gar give ...

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