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13 Oct 10 - 22:34


Hello To All my Friend sifu master brother Reporter

Now I can give our recent photos when I am back to Hong Kong in last month we are very happy because you can saw that old movie Star film may be you know him ! Wong Lung Wei , Tang Kong Wing , Sum Wai ,Chao Charle , that's our very good friendship in making movies Hong Kong style fighting action together !!!Good chance for me and you !!!


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World Spot Chinese Kung Fu

13 Oct 10 - 17:05

To All Friends Sifu Master Reporter Fans!!!

Thank you all to give us great support and we are keep forward to promote our chinese Culture Original Kung fu it's our duty , also making many super kung fu film it can around the World Wide strong in every person to know what's Shaolin Temple kungfu and also thank all give great support in the future !!!

have nice day!!!

Your best friend,

Chiu chi Ling

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2010 China Chiu Chi Ling Celebration

12 Oct 10 - 17:13

Hi My dear student sifu brother Fans reporter How are you !!

"Grandmaster 10th Dan Dr. Chiu Chi Ling in Memorial Bruce Lee Celebration Museum"

I am looking your super Organize the coming Championship , that we are working and thinking all in our FAMILY AND GIVE MANY BREAKING NEWS photos special the fotos book for the history , I like it very much ! we can know every peoples in the World Wide about our Brasil Chiu Chi Ling B...

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Super very nice CCL

10 Oct 10 - 16:50


My dear grand student sifu reporter fans students

To day I have time for more the very super history in my hung Gar life you can see that it's too long time 30th more in Shaolin Hung Gar training and many award achievement in our biggest Chiu's family i Hope we are going for our ultimate kung fu in different level !!

keep working and know more the true kung fu in Original thank all your gr...

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"Chiu Chi Ling Movie China News"

25 Sep 10 - 20:17



Hi  !!   here is  good  news   from  the  China   film  is  release  in  Hong Kong  china Now     hope   my  World  Wide  Chiu  chi  Ling  Fans  club   give  support !!  keep  in  touch  !!!

Your friend Chiu Chi Ling


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Grandmaster Dr. Chiu Chi Ling New's!!!

31 Aug 10 - 10:44

Estas son unas fotos históricas de nuestro Héroe Wong Fei Hung, nos sentimos orgullosos de nuestra gran familia del verdadero linaje en el Templo Shaolin !!!

Mok Gwai Lan
Esposa del Gran Maestro Wong Fei Hung

Gran Maestro Shih Kien

Nació en 1913 como Shí Jiān (idioma chino mandarín), Shek Kin (石堅; chino Cantonés), y desde corta edad ingresó al mundo de las tablas.

Su nombre como actor fue Shih Kien, Shek Kin o Kien Shih según la varian...
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H i my dear good fans, reporter, students, sifus !!!

13 Aug 10 - 10:24

Click on image for more photos!!!

Hi my dear good fans Reporter students sifus

How are you !! are you have good holiday in this summer time , I am Chiu Chi Ling , I want to send you my greeting and give some special good news to every one .

It's our chinese Kung fu news around the world wide as I will coming back to China for Bruce Lee super top Kung fu star the world biggest statue wil...
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H i, My dear good student Remis!!!

12 Aug 10 - 12:42

The Grandmaster Dr. Chiu Chi Ling 10th Dan and his Disciple Mexico Manager José Remis.

H i, My dear good student Remis!!!

We have many good photos in Mexico hope you like it and also thank for hard for promote our Internationall breaking news super face book !! and your coming seminars !!

Sifu Chiu Chi Ling

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Greetings Mexico!!!

12 Aug 10 - 12:23

El Gran Maestro 10º Dan Dr. Chiu Chi Ling,
 junto al Taekwadoing y Medallista Olímpico Víctor Estrada Garibay y José Remis.

To all brother master fans students Reporter!!!

Our International Shaolin Temple Hung gar of Wong Fei Hung Direct lineage four generation Chiu Chi Ling Association in Mexico Year seminars in CCL Branch and radio TV Newspaper for reporting this super Kung Fu film in Mexico!!!

I am proud with Mayor welc...
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"8th Kung Fu Cup of Chinese Martial Arts Brazil 2010".

07 Aug 10 - 08:02

The Grandmaster 10th Dan Dr. Chiu Chi Ling in the 7th Kung Fu Cup  of Chinese Martial Arts in Brazil 2009,
organized by Master José Paulo Da Silva discíple and representative of Grandmaster Dr. Chiu in South America.

Hello my good students reporter Fans

I hope all in this summer Holiday with your Family enjoy great season !! now Hong Kong are much hot but we are so happy have better film with you and all kung fu peoples meeting fo...
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